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I like to strike poses while mini-golfing.

Hi my name is Andrew Richardson, I am a graphic designer, social media maven, marketing enthusiast, lover of obscure indie films as well silly fun flicks like Jurassic Park (I also had a strange obsession with dinosaurs during my entire childhood), casual snowboarder, guitar, bass and saxophone player and lists of other things that I do. I am quite in love with brand identity. I have several years of branding experience working mostly with small business and start-ups. This experience has allowed me insight into the process of early branding and how crucial it is to get certain things right at the beginning.

I am currently working in the design field for a progressive marketing company, Innovative Product Development, Inc. I have done design work for numerous and varied clients, from software companies like OnOne software who creates cutting edge photography editing programs, to non-profits like Project Hope who help inner city youth who have troubled home lives to continue their education and gain employment experience, to small local businesses like Streamline Audio who are leading experts in luxury audio.

The reason this blog exists is to help you understand and build your own brand properly. Every day I see companies make small decisions that have a trickle down effect and end up having huge effects on their company or brands identity. You want to avoid making these small “trickle down” decisions and I’m going to show you how to do that.

This is what you will find on this site:

  • What you need to think about before even starting your identity.
  • When you should start creating an identity.
  • The resources and tools you need to create an incredible identity WITHOUT being a graphic designer.
  • How to maintain and promote your identity across various platforms, including web, social media, print, mobile ect.

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